Sasha has been ADOPTED!

Sasha, our blue point Siamese kitty, was adopted on Sunday (2/24) by Alexandra and Rick Dannon of Spring Hill. The couple excitedly anticipated the arrival of their new cat and went on a shopping spree for her. Sasha was a little less excited and promptly hid behind the recliner as soon as she was released from the pet taxi. She is a very timid little lady but eventually warms up when she feels safe and loved.

Sasha was surrendered several months ago along with 2 other housemates by a homeowner in foreclosure. We are so happy she has found a new home and will have the run of the house to herself. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Dannon! We look forward to updates and pictures of this beautiful, sweet kitty.

Pete and Chanel- A bonded pair

Pete and Chanel were discovered living in a playpen outside and was forced to weather hurricane Irma outside with two other Chihuahuas where they took a direct hit from the storm. They had received little human contact, and it took a while to get them used to people. Now they love to be pet and to get lots of love.

Chanel is sweet and lovable, but shy. She’s a 16 month old 9.6 lb Chihuahua mix. Chanel uses training pads and does not have accidents in the house. She’s spayed, current on her vaccinations, and is microchipped. She has trust issues, but she’s coming along. She loves to be held and to play, but she must first establish trust with the new person.

Pete is a Chihuahua mix who is very sweet and really loves to play. He also loves to snuggle on the sofa with his foster mom. This little boy is 11 lbs and full of personality. Pete’s foster mom has him 90% house trained, and he’s continuing to progress well.

Chanel is very bonded with Pete. She completely trusts him. He is her security. Chanel was separated from Pete for a month; she was depressed the entire month. They are together again, and they need to stay together. They are a family.

If you can give sweet Chanel  and her loving brother Pete a happy home, please contact us.