Adoption Application

Completing this application is the first step in the adoption process. Please provide complete and accurate information. Incomplete applications will not be processed. The time to verify and process the application information will vary from case to case but will be a minimum of 48 hours. Multiple applications for the same dog will be reviewed in the order they’re received. Please note: Completing an application does not guarantee approval for adoption. You must be 21 years old to adopt a dog from our rescue. We reserve the right to deny any adoption.

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Adopted Dog/Cat's Information

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The Adopter(s) acknowledges receiving the above-described dog/cat and, therefore, agrees to the following terms and conditions by selecting each section:

The Adopter agrees to pay Forgotten Tails Rescue (FTR) the agreed upon adoption fee. The Adopter understands that the adoption fee is immediately spent on saving another pet’s life and, therefore, if the dog/cat is returned for any reason, the adoption fee is non-refundable. *
The Adopter agrees to have the dog/cat examined by a licensed veterinarian at least once each year and will receive adequate vaccinations and treatments to ensure good health. The adopter agrees to maintain the dog/cat on heartworm preventative.*
The dog/cat has been spayed or neutered.*
The dog/cat has NOT been spayed or neutered. The Adopter agrees to have the pet spayed/neutered on or before the age of (3) three months. PROOF OF STERILIZATION MUST BE PROVIDED TO FORGOTTEN TAILS RESCUE WITHIN 7 DAYS FOLLOWING THE DOG/CAT’S STERILIZATION.*
The dog/cat will be treated as a family member with loving care, affection, and respect. The Adopter will provide the dog/cat with a safe home and proper care, attention, which includes a healthy diet, fresh water, and shelter at all times. *
In the event Forgotten Tails Rescue discovers inhumane treatment of the dog/cat or breach of this contract, it is agreed that the FTR has the right to immediately take possession of the dog/cat. It is understood and accepted by the Adopter that a representative of the Forgotten Tails Rescue may conduct a home visit to verify the welfare of the adopted dog/cat if there is suspected abuse or neglect.*
The Adopter agrees to keep the Forgotten Tails Rescue informed of any address or phone number changes.*
The Adopter agrees to notify the Forgotten Tail Rescue of any incident involving Animal Control and/or complaints arising from ownership of the dog/cat. If the adopted feline becomes lost or stolen, the Adopter agrees to notify the FTR immediately.*
The Forgotten Tails Rescue makes no warranties or guarantees regarding the pet’s health, medical status, or temperament. The Adopter understands that the dog/cat may have been rescued from an animal shelter and possibly exposed to communicable disease(s). For this reason, the Adopter understands that it is critical to have the pet examined promptly by a veterinarian prior to exposure to other pets.*
The Adopter agrees that the Forgotten Tails Rescue is not liable or responsible for future damages or injuries caused by the adopted dog/cat.*
In the event, a FTR representative or the Adopter feels that the dog/cat should not remain with the Adopter, it is agreed that the pet shall be returned to the FTR by the Adopter. A two-week noticed is requested to allow ample time to secure a foster home for the dog/cat. During that time, the Adopter is to provide a caring and loving home for the pet until returned to the rescue. The dog/cat may not be transferred to another owner, sold, given away, or placed in another home or organization without the written consent of the Forgotten Tails Rescue. The adoption fee will not be refunded at the time the dog/cat is returned to the rescue.*
If euthanasia becomes necessary, it is agreed that the adopted pet will not be turned over to a shelter for this service. The Forgotten Tails Rescue is available for consultation, advice, and assistance in this situation.*

I agree that all statements I have made on this form are true.  If it is found that any statements I have made on this form are not true, the adopted dog/cat is subjected to confiscation.

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